HERE ARE SOME IDEAS . . .



                           EASY WORD GAMES

ONE MINUTE LIST: Choose a category (animals, cars, food, etc.) and

                             name as many things in that category as you can

                             within a minute.


A-Z GAME:  Choose a category and then try to list things from that

                   category for each letter of the alphabet (A=Apple 

                   B=Banana  C=Cantelope - Fruit Category)


WORD FACTORY: Choose a 7 or more letter word (for instance donkeys).  Then pull letters out from that word to make new words.

                                                Sample- DONKEYS ( ON, KEYS, NO, YES, NOD, SON, SOD, etc.)


LETTER GAME: Pick a letter of the alphabet and then name 10 words that start with that letter.


OTHER CHOICES IF AVAILABLE:  Books, HANGMAN (use a letter chart to assist), Word or Letter Search, and Spill and Spell




                      CONVERSATION STARTERS


SHARE A FUNNY STORY:  Recount funny  instances that                                                happened with friends or family.


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS:  Create a map of friends.  On a piece of

                                 paper, put you in the middle and then

                                 extend a line out from the circle and write the name of a friend, how long 

                                 you've known them and where you met. Then keep adding to the circle.


WHAT'S IN THE BAG?:  Have someone put several different items in a non-see-through pillow case

                                  and guess what's in the bag by feeling the items through the pillow case.


FINISH THE SENTENCE:   I couldn't stop laughing when _______________.

                                     The most unusual place I've traveled to was_____________.

                                      I love this color because __________________           (You get the idea)


OTHER CHOICES IF AVAILABLE:  Arm Chair Travel (Youtube), I-Spy, Would You Rather Game,  Mad-Libs, Pictionary, Trivia,  Group Crosswords, Create a story from pictures, and Charades.   Also Skype, Face-Time or Text if you have the ability to do so.




                                ACTIVE GAMES


PING PONG BASKETBALL: If you have a Ping Pong Ball, put a            container in the middle of the table and try to bounce the ping pong ball into it.


BALLOON VOLLEYBALL: Great for tapping back and forth.


BEAN BAG FOOTBALL: Use masking tape to simulate a field goal upright (only flat on the floor) and try to land the bean bag within the field goal.  If you don't have a bean bag, use a sock filled with beans or rice.


OTHER EASY ACTIVITIES:  Exercise and Stretches Videos, Range of Motion, Dance Video Games, Walks (keep track of distance for the "Walking/Exercise Bike/Movement" Club), Indoor Horse Shoes, Ring Toss, Nerf Frisbee. Velcro Darts.



                             TABLE GAMES


MODIFIED YAHTZEE:  Use 7 Dice instead of 5.  Each person gets 3 rolls to try and get 5 of a kind which is a Yahtzee.  Set a general time span and keep track of each player's Yahtzee Total.  The most Yahtzees Win!


THAT'S MY CARD: Use 2 decks of cards (do not mix cards together, keep decks separate).  Deal out all the cards in one deck (leave cards on table face up to assist).  Then have one person call out cards from the other deck (hold up for visual cue) until someone wins.  Start with the top card and work your way through the deck.  Whoever has the card that was called, puts it in the center of the table.  The first person to get rid of all their cards is the WINNER!


OTHER TABLE GAMES IF AVAILABLE:  SORRY, BINGO, Dominoes, Picture Match, Trouble, UNO, Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, Puzzles etc.  (Keep in mind that any game can be modified to be made more easy).



                                       ARTS AND CRAFTS

COFFEE FILTER ART:  Use watercolor markers or watercolor paints create a pattern on a coffee filter. Leave some areas uncolored. Then put drops of water on the filter and watch the colors spread.  It will look like tie dye.


BUILD A STRUCTURE:  Using every day household items (straws, paper, popsicle sticks, paperclips, plastic containers etc.) create a sculpture or structure of some kind.


OTHER IDEAS IF AVAILABLE:  Adult Coloring Books, Paper Crafts (Flowers, Butterflies, Paper Chains, Paper Beads, Curled Paper Designs, Painting, Clay, Beads etc.




                        ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING


                                        Help with every day tasks, like . . . 

       Dishes . . . Laundry . . . Cleaning . . . Meal Planning . . .  Grocery Lists . . . Recycling

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